Our History

The birth of the Ron Ramsey Regional Agriculture Center was realized when some members of the Sullivan County Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association attended an event at an established Tennessee agricultural center.  Upon their return to Sullivan County, they began to say, “Why can’t we do this? Why can’t we have that? What do we need to do?” 

Quickly, they began asking questions relative to their vision of an agricultural center in Sullivan County alongside Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

Ron has always had an immediate interest in the perpetuation of agricultural advancement and saw this project as a good fit for Northeast Tennessee. 

It is with bursting pride and excitement that a group from the Sullivan County Cattlemen’s Association can roll up their sleeves and begin their dream that we now call the Ron Ramsey Regional Agricultural Center.

This dream became a reality with SBC Project No. 460/000-03-2015 grant accompanied by Amendment Number One.

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